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Cat Only Appointments Now Available at Hermitage Vet Clinic

Hermitage Vets in Lucan has added introduced some cat only clinics to our timetable. We know some cats (and even some cat owners) get a little stressed if next to a dog in our waiting room. So we have dedicated certain periods of  time as cat only! There are cat only appointments available on Tuesdays (call for times) , Friday 12:30-1pm and Saturday 2-3pm, booking essential. As always we run our clinics by appointment to try and run smoothly and keep waiting to a minimum. Phone us on 016010060 for an appointment.Hermitage Vets Team Damo

If your cat does find visits to the vets stressful there are some steps you can take. If possible a few days in advance leave the cat basket somewhere in the house where your cat can see it. Put some treats in it and allow them to walk in and out of the basket.If you struggle to get your cat in to the basket put them in backwards. Make sure your cat when your cat visits the clinic in a secure basket and cover with a blanket. When you arrive at the clinic leave your cat in the car and let reception know when you have arrived. We can then bring your cat straight in to the consulting room.



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