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End of an Era – A fond farewell to Molloys Stores

It was a sad day today in Lucan as our next door neighbour Charles Molloy and his sister Mel closed the shutters on Ballydowd stores for the last time. The Molloy family have been trading there since 1938.

Molloys is a Lucan institution and a growing rarity – an old style grocery shop  that is very much a part of the community. A place where you always got a friendly greeting and a bit of banter along with your shopping. The shop has a legendary status among the locals, particularly with the kids. It was always fun to stop in when the kids were out from school and see Charles & Mel in action. Sweets were kept behind the counter and Charles and Mel could dispatch confectionery with remarkable efficiency and with a unique style. When a kid’s turn came a decision was required quickly,  if it wasn’t forthcoming a purchase was recommended and tailored to the budget in question. Brilliant stuff – and from the number of kids that flocked to the store this week to say good bye to Charles and Mel it is clear they enjoyed the banter as much as the sweets!

Some of you may just know the shop from flying in and out for a pint of milk or a paper but for many Molloy’s was a part of daily life, more than just a shop – part of the community.  Charles and Mel were always quick with a smile or a joke and a friendly word and will be sorely missed.

I had worked as a vet in the UK for a few years, and I came home in 2005with a dream of opening my own clinic just for pets. I had repeated in my leaving cert in Lucan 10 years previously and can remember attending Molloy’s daily (Mrs Molloy still worked there at the time). It seemed like a good place to set up. I was a little nervous when approaching my new neighbour’s about my plan for opening a vet clinic on their doorstep ( especially since I had not alternative plan). However, Charles was extremely courteous and kind and sincerely wished me all the best. For this I remain grateful to this day. Mel also has always been so kind and encouraging to us and is loved by our staff. Those of us who were in Hermitage Vets at the beginning have fond memories of Des. We couldn’t have found a better spot to start our clinic.

Charles and Mel, we wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for welcoming us in as neighbours. We know you loved your work but we hope you also will love the freedom that retirement brings. Please make sure you drop in on us often to see how the old place is doing!

Liam & Gillian, Emer, Eve, Jenny, Niamh, Lisa & Donal

Hermitage Vets

29 October 2016

Ps feel free to drop in any left over jellies!

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Ann & Ken Leahy
October 31, 2016 2:38 pm

Hi Liam & staff,
That was a beautiful tribute to Charles & Imelda, & I think it reflects what all their customers are currently feeling.
Many Thanks.
P.S. it must be said that you Liam &. Your staff also show that element of kindness & friendliness in your own business.


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